The World's Top Golden Retriever Kennels

We would like to acknowledge these kennels for providing us with the amazing foundation from which our beautiful English Cream Golden Retrievers are descended. Without their commitment to excellence and class, we would not have the amazing puppies we breed today! THANK YOU ALL!

Majik Golden Retrievers Angels in Leash Arangold Retrievers Ashbury Camrose Golden Retrievers Caring Angel Erinderry Golden Retrievers Kennel Dewmist Ria Vela Sunflower Valley Golden Retrievers


  • Honorable Mention -

    Mrs. Marilyn Morphet for her tireless patience and generosity of knowledge that she so openly shared with each new generation of golden retriever breeders and enthusiasts.




We strive to ensure that every puppy we bring in to this world has the greatest potential for a long, healthy life; big bones and blocky heads; and most importantly an affable disposition and temperament for which goldens are famously known. Ultimately, our greatest responsibility is matching each puppy with their perfect family for a positive, successful, and enriching relationship for both the families and the puppies they choose that will last a lifetime.


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Zafira con Grof Box (Karma) was imported from Grof Box Kennel, Attila Kocsis in Romania. Her sire, Holland Mack van LeDobry, is an IPO3 Champion. He is one of the highest level IPO trained dogs in the world.

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